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    2014 | Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Epidemiology

  • Department of Population Medicine, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

    2008 | Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

  • Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

    2004 | Bachelor of Science (BSc)

  • Department of Biology, University of Waterloo

Dan Shock

Veterinarian and Consultant

Dan has made it his life’s mission to improve animal health.
He uses his expertise in veterinary medicine and epidemiology to deliver evidence-based solutions. Not only this, he has the unique ability to make complex science accessible for all.

Dan earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) 2008. After 3 years in practice in Eastern Ontario, Dan returned to OVC to complete a PhD in epidemiology in 2014. His research focused on risk factors for mastitis in Ontario dairy herds. Through his research, Dan has developed expertise in:

  • Scientific study design and conduct
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Group facilitation
  • Interview skills

Since graduation, Dan has consulted around the world with universities, governments, and animal health organizations to improve animal health. Dan’s unique skill set and drive to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability make him a valuable asset to the ACER team.


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Service & Leadership

  • Board of Directors - Canadian Association of Bovine Veterinarians

    2018 - present

    • Provide input and leadership and input on issues that are of a national importance to bovine practitioners
  • Transportation of Livestock Code of Practice Committee Member - National Farm Animal Care Council

    2019 - present

    • In collaboration with other industry stakeholders, created a nation-wide animal welfare standard for the transportation of livestock
    • Appointed representative for the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
  • 2nd Vice President - Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners

    2017 - present

    • Provide leadership in the organization – assisting president and 1st vice president in all matters affecting the organization
    • Ensuring the advancement of the standing of the profession in the cattle industry in Ontario
    • Planning and coordination of continuing education programs
  • Treasurer - Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners

    2015 - 2017

    Leadership role in all financial aspects of the organization, including:

    • General financial oversight
    • Financial planning, budgeting, and reporting
    • Liaising with accountant and bookkeeper on all financial matters of the organization

Memberships & Associations

  • American Dairy Science Association

  • Canadian Animal Health Institute

  • Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council

  • National Mastitis Council

  • Ontario Animal Health Network

  • Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners

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