Agricultural Communications & Epidemiological Research.

Understand. Inform. Influence.

Improving agri-food from farm to fork.


Research consulting designed to mobilize knowledge into action.

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Understand. Inform. Influence.

ACER Consulting specializes in epidemiological research and knowledge mobilization. We have a passion for agriculture and agri-food and believe in studying health and disease through a one health lens. Our approach is to design effective tools and programs to motivate change, with the goal of improving public health, animal health and welfare, and the environments they live in. Simply put, we help clients to understand, inform and influence today for a healthier tomorrow.

About ACER

What we do

ACER offers a flexible suite of consulting services that extends from research question to dissemination. Our team of experts have extensive training and experience in applied epidemiological research, knowledge transfer and agricultural extension, and program evaluation. Through tailored application of our services to your needs, ACER Consulting provides you with the tools you need to investigate issues, explore opportunities, and mobilize knowledge.

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  • Epidemiology and Public Health

    Epidemiology & Public Health

    We research health and disease across the human, animal and environment interface.

  • Training and Learning

    Teaching & Training

    We design and deliver a variety of teaching tools and training programs to educate, coach and up skill.

  • Facilitation


    We facilitate in-depth discussions, foster meaningful interactions and assist in effective communications.

  • Evaluation


    We design evaluation frameworks to capture inputs outputs and outcomes, assess influence and quantify impact.

  • Knowledge Mobilization

    Knowledge Mobilization

    We develop and implement programs and strategies to improve knowledge, influence attitudes, and motivate change.

  • Media and tools

    Media & Tools

    We produce compelling videos, websites and toolkits to foster effective communication, engage audiences and inspire.

We work collaboratively with industry, government, and academic stakeholders to develop solutions across the agri-food value chain.

Researching for understanding. Evaluating for refinement. Communicating for change.

We are a collaborative group, keen to work with like-minded stakeholders across the globe. Want to explore a problem, project, or opportunity? We're always happy to chat.

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