Meet the ACER team

Steven Roche

Director and Principal Consultant

As the founder of ACER Consulting, Steven believes in conducting health research through a one health lens, and aims to mobilize research in creative ways to improve health and prevent disease. His interdisciplinary skill set blends epidemiological research, agricultural extension, and health promotion methodologies to understand and influence health outcomes. He has extensive experience conducting applied epidemiological research and designing, implementing, and evaluating knowledge mobilization programs and tools for industry, academic and government stakeholders in the agri-food and public health sphere. ACER Consulting is driven by his passion for understanding health and disease, and innovating dissemination strategies to effectively mobilize quality research to improve disease prevention and control, food safety, and population health.

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Dan Shock

Veterinarian and Consultant

As a veterinarian and epidemiologist, Dan has made it his life’s mission to ensure a healthy, efficient, and productive agricultural sector. Combining his expertise in food animal medicine with his advanced training in quantitative and qualitative epidemiological research, Dan is able to provide data- and evidence-driven solutions that improve animal production, health, and welfare; while at the same time promoting and protecting public health and food safety. Drawing upon his extensive experience consulting with producers and agri-food organizations, Dan has the unique ability to distill down complex scientific research and concepts, making them accessible and actionable to all stakeholders.

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Dave Renaud

Veterinarian and Consultant

Dave is passionate about working in the agricultural field and helping producers, organizations, and individuals overcome challenges they face. Specifically, he is interested in solving problems surrounding antimicrobial resistance and use, food safety, and animal health. He strives to generate innovative ideas to combat and solve these challenges through his training in epidemiology and veterinary medicine. His unique skillset combines a background in advanced quantitative statistical analysis and in conducting large-scale observational and experimental study designs.

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Rachel Genore-Roche

RVT and Research Associate

Rachel has a keen interest in both companion and food animal veterinary medicine. As a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), she has a passion for animal health and works as an advocate for the care and welfare of youngstock. In keeping with this goal, she has a key role in educating producers and other veterinary professionals on current research and best practice, and broadening the scope of practice for future RVTs. Specifically, her areas of interest lie in pain management, developing and implementing treatment and protocols, improving housing and management, preventative medicine, and data collection.

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ACER Consulting

ACER Consulting specializes in epidemiological research and knowledge mobilization. Our approach is to design effective tools and programs to motivate change, with the goal of improving public health, animal health and welfare, and the environments they live in. Simply put, we help clients to understand, inform, and influence today for a healthier tomorrow.

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