As part of a larger research sharing project funded by the Dairy Farmers of Canada, ACER has led the planning and facilitation of a series of more than 10 virtual webinars between September 2022 and March 2023.

The aim of these webinars is to share research funded by Dairy Farmers of Canada under their Industry Research Chair and Cluster 3 funding programs.

We know how busy the research teams are already, and we aim to make this process as streamlined and effortless as possible for the presenters!

So, how do we plan and run these events?


  1. We connect with each of the research teams about 6 weeks in advance to plan the format and logistics of their webinar (topics, date, time, presenters, etc)
  2. We develop a promotional email campaign for each webinar to share the event information and enable participants to register in advance
  3. ACER hosts and facilitates the webinar via Zoom, including managing participants, chat, and question periods
  4. A live interpreter is present for each webinar, meaning the content is made seamlessly available in both English and French
  5. We record each session, enabling us to post the webinars online for future reference
  6. A post-event email campaign is sent to all participants to share the recording and prompt them to register for the next event!

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