Video as a tool for KTT

Animated and live-action videos are becoming increasingly popular as a method of sharing information in an engaging and easily digestible manner.

ACER’s journey with video production began in 2013 as part of Dr. Steve Roche’s PhD research, with an animated whiteboard video explaining how Johne’s disease can impact producers, veterinarians, and the industry. The original English producer-focused video now has over 11,000 views on YouTube, highlighting the value of video as a tool to share research messaging to a wide public audience. It has since been translated into French, German, and Italian and has been showcased at many dairy conferences around the world. 

Watch the Video that Started it All

What other videos has ACER developed?

Production has come a long way since our first foray into video in 2013, and ACER has been engaged by a variety of other commodity groups, industries, and academic groups interested in promoting their research in approachable and creative ways.

We’ve now produced over 75 custom videos and video series for our clients, and more are always on the way! You can check out just a few examples below, or visit the video section of our portfolio to see more.

Do you have a scientific research, communication, or training need?

Our goal is to create knowledge and tools to improve animal health and welfare, public health, and the environment in a rapidly changing world. We have the skills to help you understand your unique challenge, inform relevant solutions, and maximize influence.

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